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Place an Order

To place an order with Campus Prints, please select the appropriate form below, complete it and email to If necessary, acquire the appropriate signatures and fax or email your order form to Campus Prints at (707) 664-4119. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us

To best help us expedite your order please be sure to include the following:

  • Department
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Delivery Location (Building and Room Number)

To best help us expedite your order please include 660963-FUND-DEPT.

Example of a Fund: SO100

Example of a Dept: 1010

Example of Chartfield String: 660963-SO100-1010

All chartfield strings must be approved by authorized signers either on an order form or via email.

Please include a generous deadline date (mm/dd). Standard Production time for jobs is 3-5 days depending on complexity and quantity of jobs in production. Please note that ASAP is not an acceptable due date. We always work as efficiently as possible and therefore all jobs are done ASAP.

Please include the following: 

  1. Job Title
  2. Finished Quantity | For example; 50 pages of 4ups will have a finished quantity of 200
  3. Final Size | The size you would like your finished product to be. Our digital production machine is limited to a maximum size of 13x19 inches. Please note that 8.5x11 is Standard Paper Size. Final size may be different from the file size if you require a Bleed. A bleed is text or graphics that extends all the way to the edge of the paper it is printed on. All bleeds must be 0.125 (1/8) inch more on each side equaling ¼ inch in more in height and width. A 8.5x11 with a bleed should be a file size of 8.75x11.25. 
  4. Ink Color | Please specify whether you would like your job to be in black and white or in full color.
  5. Single Sided or Double Sided | Single Sided – Printing on one side versus Double Sided – Often times referred to as duplex; means to be printed on both sides.
  6. Stock (Paper) | Please specify which type of stock you would like your job to be printed on. Examples of some commonly used stock:
    • 28 lb. White —This is a thicker copier paper which our standard color copies are prints on
    • 20 lb. Stock — This is the type of paper that is used in most copier machines for standard black and white copies.
    • 12PT C2S — This is a heavier stock with a gloss coating on both sides. These are often used for postcard mailers.
    • 100# Silk Cover — This is a heavier stock with a matte/silk coating on both sides, but lighter than 12PT C2S. Many campus posters are printed on this. 
      If you are unsure of what type of stock you would like for your job please feel free to contact the Campus Prints Office at 664-2360 
  7. File Preparation | All files should be sent in PDF format in a “One Up” format. If you want a flyer at 5.5x4.25 don’t send us an 8.5x11 with four flyers on it. We will impose the file internally and prepare it for our production machine. Please check the file size before sending it to us. Open the PDF and move your mouse to the bottom left corner and the size will be displayed. Try and keep the size rounded to the quarter inch. It is always a good idea to print a test copy on a printer available to you to make sure the size and layout looks correct on paper before sending it to Campus Prints.